Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Do I have a big boy?

Will woke up today and told me he was done with diapers. He said he wanted to wear big boy underwear! I have been waiting for the day when he would say he was ready. Yippee. Though I do have a minor frown for the mountains of laundry I will have till he gets this figured out, I am very excited. Last night I told him he was making a lot of trash on the earth and the Lorax and WALL-E would be really happy if he would stop making a mess in his diaper. He seemed kind of sad about that. Then this morning he was rearing to go. Who knew it would work!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Will is Two

Each day is new and full of wonder. Yesterday he told me that when he grew big he wanted to be a firehouse boy. Less than a minute later he had changed his mind to growing up to be a penguin. We have no idea what our little man will become, but we are certain he will do it with gusto!
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Starting Over

Since our life has changed so much we felt our blog should too. Hopefully this blog will be filled with happy memories and good news to share. The list of changes in our life is so vast I don't really know where to begin. Below is a nutshell update on our family as it stands today...we will have to see how tomorrow unfolds.

I am busily writing a memoir, knitting, and gaining some energy from my 7 day a week workouts. Phil is managing his rapidly growing business and office, enjoying as much sushi as he can eat, and falling in love with the piano again. Will is two, full of wonder, needs a hat or helmet for every occassion, is becoming quite the jogger, and is learning that life doesn't always revolve around him. The cat is still lazy, a bit grumpy, but enjoys a good snuggle. The four of us take things a day at a time and try to enjoy what we have.

About Me

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I love eating which is why I will never be super skinny. The time I have for hobbies is limited because of the demands of my 2 year old. When I do find time for myself I like to read and knitting has become a fun outlet as well. I love the outdoors so I enjoy anything that keeps me in it like flowers, camping, swimming, beers on the patio, etc. I hate the license bureau more than just about anything. I enjoy the benefits of exercise but I go back and forth about whether I enjoy the process. I am passionate about healthcare reform, finishing my book, remodeling, living life to the fullest, and my men.