Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hooray for Fall

I always enjoy the start of fall. It is so much fun to be out in the crunchy leaves, pull out the cuddly blankets and sweaters, shop for coats, and breathe the crisp cool air. We have been making the most of this fall as a family. We attended a great outdoor concert where Dan Tyminski and his band performed. We have also bravely wandered for an hour through a corn maze with our dear friends, been on a hay ride, and put hedge apples in the basement to get rid of our spiders. This weekend we carved our pumpkins and had a Fall Food Fest with our office peeps. Roughly 30 of us got to hang out, eat yummy food,  and stood in line for the bathroom since there is only one in our house! A few of us were even brave enough to learn the pumpkin dance. 

Unexpectedly this fall has also been great for personal reasons too. Beyond all the experiences that fall has to offer, this fall has brought with it a new appreciation for the things in my life. I went through a time this year where I was really angry about how unfair life can be. I'm not sure what has changed, maybe just the passing of time, but I think my funk is over. Simple things that I had a hard time enjoying are now fun again. It has been years since I felt excited about anything and now I find myself anticipating doing even the smallest of things. There is nothing fair about life and I wish it hadn't taken me to 30 to figure that out. I want Will to learn it sooner than I did. As a parent, I find myself wanting to protect Will from life's harsh realities. As his friend - I want him to know how special it is to have all the opportunities he has. 

It has also been fun to do a little bit of work on the house. We finished painting the hallway earlier this year and have finally put a desk in the nook. As odd as it sounds, it was really great to spend an evening last week lamp shopping. Few husbands are good shopping partners - I love that mine is happy to do it and enjoys the hunt as much as I do. Phil also ran electricity to the hall so I have a place to plug in the lamp. There are now some decorations on the wall and I am in the process of painting a mirror to hang up. The screen on my computer is also fixed so I can actually sit here with my own space and work on my projects in peace. I love it when a plan comes together! 

For those who want to see more of our fun fall activities, click on the link below. 

Fall 2009


  1. Great pictures! We need Phil up here to carve us some pumpkins. Glad to hear that things are looking up! Love you guys : )

  2. So good to read about you and your family. I'm glad that you're doing well. I'm in awe of your pumpkins...ours could win some sort of award for looking awful every year! Ran into your mom the other day. I do miss you guys!

  3. That Will is cute. And very smart. You never can tell what could happen when you mix fire and hollow fruit, so I always say it's better to be safe and wear a helmet and eye protection.
    What's he going to be this year for Halloween?!?!


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